How is the postoperative of an ultrasonic rhinoplasty?

How is the postoperative of an ultrasonic rhinoplasty?

After explaining what ultrasonic rhinoplasty is, Dr. Jorge Masià, maxillofacial surgeon, talks about the recovery process after this surgery.

What recommendations should the patient follow after the ultrasonic rhinoplasty procedure?

During the first week, the patient should take antibiotic to prevent infection of the operative area as well as painkillers to counteract postoperative discomfort. The nasal mucosa should be kept hydrated frequently by carrying out gentle washes with physiological saline or seawater in pharmaceutical formula. The wound of the nasal approach, if necessary, should be protected from sunlight by the use of protective creams.


How is the postoperative of an Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty?

Unlike the classic rhinoplasty, the post-operative after the ultrasonic technique is much more favorable. After the procedure, the patient is kept for a period of one or two hours in our clinic to recover from sedation and can then go home.

In some patients it is necessary to place nasal plugs that are removed after 48h and sometimes to give nasal stability it is necessary to place a thermoplastic splint that is removed around 10 days approximately.

Because the technique is minimally invasive, the patient hardly experiences inflammation and / or bruising in the postoperative period, disappearing for the most part during the first week.

Regarding daily activities, the patient can be incorporated into their normal life from the day after the intervention and it is only recommended not to perform intense physical exercise during the first 3 weeks and avoid all activities that may involve risk of facial trauma.


At what time are the definitive results of Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty visible?

There will be much less inflammation than with the classical technique, so you can appreciate very approximate results immediately after the surgery. The almost definitive results can be seen from the first month, there are always subtle changes during the course of the following months, even until after the first year of the intervention.

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