Jaw angles: how to achieve the best results

Jaw angles: how to achieve the best results

A defined and angular jaw are features that we identify with an attractive face in both men and women; this is because the jaw fulfills a very important aesthetic function: to break the continuity between the neck and the face, and to give strength and definition to the features. On the contrary, the lack of definition in the mandibular, or gonial, angles gives an aged appearance and reduces character to the face.

What are the causes of the lack of definition in the jaw?

The most common causes of mandibular blur are poor or undersized positions. When there is a delayed position of the jaw within the face, or it is very small, the mandibular structure is hidden in the neck tissues, and its definition disappears. In these cases, orthognathic mandibular advancement surgery, or maxillo-mandibular advancement, manage to give visibility to the mandible and improve the definition of gonial angles.

Is there any other option besides orthognathic surgery?

There are other less frequent cases where the position and size of the jaw are correct, but still there is little definition. In most of these patients, the problem is due to an alteration in the shape of the angles due to genetic causes or, less frequently, due to facial trauma. In these cases, the solution to the lack of mandibular definition is the implantation of customized prostheses, a simple procedure that is minimally invasive in our center, intraorally (without scars) and on an outpatient basis.

Are jaw implants safe?

The mandibular prostheses are made of PEEK, a biocompatible polymer that is perfectly tolerated by the body, and are custom designed on our 3D platform from the cranial scanner of each patient. Also, these custom prostheses can be used to define or symmetrize areas of the jaw that show asymmetries.

What about facial fillers?

Many people turn to facial fillers for fear of undergoing surgery or because they are more accessible in the short term. While it is true that fillers offer spectacular definition and volume, the reality is that the results we see on videos and social media are only the immediate results of the injections, and those chiselled angles will fade day after day until they disappear completely.  That is why it is necessary to renew the fillers two or three times a year, which in the long term represents a very considerable expenditure of both money and time, in exchange for quite unstable results.

In contrast, both mandibular advancement and custom implants are solutions that offer stable and permanent results. In addition, our minimally invasive approach allows both procedures to be done intraorally, without scars and with a quick and painless recovery.

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