International Services

The Maxillofacial Institutes personalised service for patients also applies to patients from abroad. The Centre caters for patients from all over the world and has implemented a special service programme for these patients.

In addition, if the patient does not understand the language, they will be provided with the service of an interpreter who will accompany them on all their medical visits, during the diagnostic tests, and during the surgical intervention. In the same way that the Maxillofacial Institute offers a comprehensive service to international patients, it also offers it to Spanish nationals who do not live in the province of Barcelona. The Treatment Coordinator ensures that patients can access the clinic easily and comfortably.

What does the International Services department of the Maxillofacial Institute offer its patients?

Before your visit:

  • It provides a quote for treatment at the Centre.
  • It facilitates the financial management of the treatment.
  • It confirm your appointments.
  • It manages the video conference service.
  • It provides help and guidelines with regard to planning your trip (accommodation, meals, recommendations, etc.).

During your visit:

International patients will have an assistant who:

  • Will ensure that the patient understands the procedure and all the instructions from the medical team.
  • Will accompany them throughout the hospital admission process and on their medical follow-up visits.
  • It will coordinate their care at Club Teknon.

After your visit:

  • It will provide the patient with a copy of their medical records.
  • It will facilitate the financial management of the treatment.
  • It will help the patient to coordinate their medical follow-up visits.


To provide patients with the best experience possible, the International Services department offers:

  • Handling of the visa application process.
  • Booking of flights.
  • Car transfer to and from the airport.
  • A welcome service, help at the airport and lost luggage.
  • Booking of hotels or apartments for patients and their families on a long stay.


It will help international patients and their families to look for and book accommodation.

24hr service

All patients have access to a 24hr emergency service that will allow them to speak directly with the specialists at the Maxillofacial Institute.


To facilitate the patient’s access to all types of treatments, the Clinic offers various personalised payment plans.


You can contact the Maxillofacial Institute directly on +34 933 933 185 or email

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