Maxillofacial Institute and COVID-19

Maxillofacial Institute has reopened its doors to begin a gradual process of activation until the normalization of its services.

To achieve this, we have implemented a series of measures to guarantee the safety of our workers and our patients, applying the strictest international clinical protocols.

This means that before opening and closing the doors of the Institute every day, our professionals pass several layers of disinfection of their person and all their materials, in addition to their workplaces.

For our patients, the protocol is as follows:

1- Before making the appointment, a brief telephone survey is carried out to measure the risk of contagion.

2- To assign appointments, certain ailments / pathologies will be prioritized.

3- Once the appointment is made, patients will receive an illustrated guide via email with precautions and instructions to come to our center, which include:

3.1- Come preferably alone to your appointment, or if it is essential, bring a single companion.

3.2- Bring only the essential: the fewer objects you have, the faster and more effective the disinfection process will be.

3.3. Arrive on time. Our waiting rooms have been equipped to respect social distancing measures; it is crucial to avoid concentrating too many people on them. That is why respecting appointment times is very important to avoid crowds.

3.4 Upon arrival at the Institute, patients will not directly access the clinic, but a member of our team will receive him at the entrance to carry out a series of measures:

  • Take patient's temperature using a laser thermometer
  • Give you sanitizing gel to disinfect your hands
  • Protective gear will be handed out to you: gloves and a protective mask (if you are not already wearing them), as well as shoe covers, a disposable cap, and goggles. These should be put on in the order indicated by our staff.
  • Once all protective elements are in place,  gloves should be sanitized again before entering our facilities.

4- Once inside the center, the patient will go to the waiting room indicated by our staff, always respecting the indicated social distance measures.


5- After each patient, our clinical staff disinfects all work areas and changes their protective equipment; that is why the number of patients we receive each day is much less, so we have the time necessary to guarantee everyone's safety.


6- In the Reception area, we have installed protective screens to minimize contact between our administrative team and patients. Furthermore, all items that come into contact with patients (tablets, dataphones, pens, counter area, etc.) are sanitized after each use.


7- During the day, and at the end of each day, we carry out several air disinfection processes by misting a specific, non-toxic disinfectant.


In the event of surgeries, all our patients with scheduled surgeries will be tested against COVID-19 before their procedure.

Besides, several safety and sanitation controls are applied between each surgery in the operating rooms.

With these measures, at the Maxillofacial Institute we work under the highest degree of protection for our patients and our team, thus beginning a path towards normalization of our services, and adapting to a new reality that implies new and better safety measures for all.

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If you want to see the internal protocol applied by the professionals of the Maxillofacial Institute, you can do it from here