Casos Clínicos y Pacientes de Extracción de Cordales

Left paftidectomy -

Lifting approach


Right Parotidectomy

Lifting approach


-Partial Parotidectomy -

Lifting Approach


-Class II, Short face, Nasal hypertrophy-

Bimaxillary advancement surgery. Mentoplasty. Rhinoplasty

Bone reconstruction

Placement of 2 anterior implants

Placement of 4 zygomatic implants

- Class III, open bite-

Bilateral sagittal osteotomy. Maxillary osteotomy Le Fort I

-Open bite, sleep apnea, facial retrusion -

Bilateral sagittal osteotomy. Le Fort I maxillary osteotomy. Advancement mentoplasty.

-Class II and open bite-

Bimaxillary orthognathic surgery. Mentoplasty. Rhinoplasty.