Psychological Support Unit

Inspired by the observations we have made in our more than 30 years of experience, at Instituto Maxillofacial we have created the Psychological Support Unit for Orthognathic Surgery Patients, a psychological support service for our patients and their families during this crucial stage of their lives.

Led by Rebeca García, BA in Psychology, this New Unit will focus on:

  • Helping our patients face and manage their feelings and emotions, especially in the post-surgical stage, when they are especially vulnerable.
  • Providing the patient’s family members or companions with tools to be as helpful as possible, working on their capacities for empathy and patience, and psycho-educating them in healthy companionship skills.

This is achieved through various tools that we implement during the patient’s journey, including individual psycho-emotional support sessions.


Our goal with this new Psychological Support Unit is to give our patients holistic support, adapted to each stage of their journey with us, to maximize their satisfaction and physical and mental well-being. Ask our Coordinators for more information about this new service.