Bone Reconstruction and Regeneration


Solutions to the bone resorption process

The Implantology and Reconstructive Surgery Unit of the Maxillofacial Institute is a pioneer and benchmark centre for bone regeneration and reconstruction techniques. Moreover, Dr. Federico Hernández Alfaro and his team conducted the first clinical study in the world on the use of stem cells for bone regeneration in Implantology. These cutting-edge techniques are described in the books published by Dr. Hernández Alfaro, Bone grafting in Oral Implantology and Controversial Issues in Implant Dentistry.

Bone reconstruction at the Maxillofacial Institute

If the patient lacks tissue, whether it be bone, fat, mucous membrane, skin or any other type of tissue, the maxillofacial surgeon will take a graft from another part of the patient’s body. These types of grafts are known as autologous grafts.

The Maxillofacial Institute works with this philosophy in order to maximise biocompatibility and to promote tolerance between the donor tissue and the recipient tissue, thus avoiding any potential rejection.

Bone regeneration at the Maxillofacial Institute

The Maxillofacial Institute offers a plasma treatment rich in growth factors in order to optimise the result of interventions such as dental implant placement, bone grafts, alveolar repair, bone defect filling, sinus augmentation and periodontal surgery, among others.

The use of plasma is aimed at increasing the number of platelets and growth factors derived from the plasma and to stimulate the body’s natural capacity to heal itself. It has been demonstrated that the number of regenerative cells quadruple within a week.

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