What does Cheiloplasty consist in?

Cheiloplasty or lip surgery

Cheiloplasty, or lip surgery, is a very simple cosmetic intervention which gives the lips the volume and sensuality necessary for beautifying and rejuvenating the face. This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. It is always performed under local anaesthetic and takes an average of 20 minutes.

The optimum results of this treatment are achieved by either increasing or decreasing the volume of the lips or by correcting congenital or acquired anatomical alterations.

Thus, there are three types of Cheiloplasty:

  • Augmentation cheiloplasty or lip augmentation for thin lips or lips that have lost their volume due to facial ageing.

The facial aesthetics experts at the Maxillofacial Institute perform lip augmentation using two techniques:

  • Lip augmentation using fat obtained from Buccal fat pads or fat deposits in the cheeks.
  • Lip augmentation using hyaluronic acid with properties that immediately revitalise, hydrate and rejuvenate the lips.

Both techniques offer excellent results: the lips acquire a natural, healthy, young and fresh appearance after augmentation cheiloplasty.

  • Reduction cheiloplasty, a less frequent treatment for patients with overdeveloped lips that are not very harmonious with their other facial features.
  • Corrective cheiloplasty for patients who have suffered alterations in their lips caused by tumours, trauma, burns or lesions or by congenital alterations such as a harelip.

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