What does Otoplasty consist in?

Ears are a very important part of the facial structure. Any malformation or aesthetic defect of the ear can considerably affect your overall attractiveness.

The most frequent defect in the ears are the protruding ears, which is an accentuated separation of the ears according to which they are usually detached from their normal position. In this case, otoplasty is responsible for correcting the angle formed by the ear and the head to about 30 degrees, that is, folding the ears so that they do not protrude towards the sides.

Other defects that are corrected with this procedure are:

  • Excessive size of the ear
  • Lack of symmetry
  • Excessive shell or hypertrophy
  • Protruding or elongated lobe
  • Partial absence of the ear.


Otoplasty is a very simple aesthetic treatment that is responsible for correcting the aesthetic defects of the ears through a minimally invasive surgery.

This intervention is usually performed from 6-7 years, when the ears are fully developed and the patient has developed social sensitivity. It is performed under local anesthesia in adults and general in children.

The recovery time of an otoplasty is between 2 and 3 weeks. Your results can be seen immediately when you remove the bandages


With otoplasty it is possible to harmonize and recover the symmetry between all the facial features thanks to a relatively simple and fast surgery that has a minimum risks compared to the potential benefits.

Thanks to the minimally invasive techniques that we use in the Maxillofacial Institute, the resulting scar is minimal, and it is hidden at the back of the ear.