What is Open Bite and how is it treated?

Open bite is a facial alteration which is defined by being unable to close the front or back teeth. That is, there is no contact between the front or back teeth of the upper arch and the front or back teeth of the lower arch.

Aesthetics is a factor in open bite cases but functionality is the mostly affected aspect: the patient cannot properly perform any of the basic functions of chewing or speech.

The only effective solution for correcting an open bite is orthognathic surgery accompanied by orthodontic treatment. There are some cases of open bite that can be resolved with orthodontic correction, but the majority require surgical treatment.

Thus, the orthognathic surgery performed will always be bimaxillary, to correctly position both the mandibular and the maxillary arch, usually by making rotational and orbital movements.

The patient’s facial aesthetics improve after surgery, but especially the recovery of functionality, which is what really motivates the open bite patient when they opt for orthognathic surgery.

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