Orthognatic Surgery for Sleep Apnoea

Orthognatic Surgery for treating Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Apnoea is one of the biggest public health problems today. According to the most recent treatment guidelines, orthognathic surgery is the only procedure that can cure this problem immediately and definitively.

This is not only supported by the results of over 120 cases successfully treated by Dr. Federico Hernández Alfaro. The team of maxillofacial surgeons at the Maxillofacial Institute have also conducted studies which have been published in prestigious international journals such as the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery which provide evidence of its effectiveness. The articles describe how dozens of patients with Sleep Apnoea who have undergone orthognathic surgery for mandibular, maxillary or bimaxillary advancement obtain a 70% increase in capacity in their airways, which is maintained over time.

In the past, orthognathic surgery had to comply with the orthodontics-orthognathic surgery-orthodontics protocol. However, thanks to the Surgery First procedure, patients with Sleep Apnoea can avoid having orthodontic treatment before surgery and decide the best time for them to have the operation. All orthodontic treatment (which is much shorter) is carried out in the post-surgery phase.

Lastly, thanks to the minimally invasive techniques developed by the Maxillofacial Institute, in certain cases the patient can have surgery under local anaesthetic and sedation without requiring a hospital stay, thus speeding up their recovery and return to normal life.