Dental Aesthetics

Tim visited us from the United Kingdom to improve the aesthetics of his smile. Dr. Álvaro Reuter, from our Advanced Dentistry Unit, exceeded Tim's high expectations with a comprehensive treatment of dental veneers, achieving a much more harmonious smile and a natural and lasting result. Here is Tim's opinion on his treatment:

"Although very apprehensive initially about cosmetic dentistry I cannot thank the team enough. They were exceptionally patient in answering my questions and providing me all the information I needed to feel secure in my decision. Petra at all times was so pleasent to deal with.

When it came to the procedure itself Dr Alvaro Reuter was absolutely amazing, reassuring and a total perfectionist. I cannot thank him enough or recommend him highly enough. He explained what was happening very clearly, and the process was pain free. The environment was exceptionally clean, fresh and pleasant.

The results themselves though are ultimately what counts and I cannot begin to express my happiness with the outcome and the look of the teeth. It far exceeds my expectations before I started. It’s not only how it looks visually but my self confidence has also been vastly improved, now I am super proud of my new smile.”