Teeth Whitening

What does Teeth Whitening consist in?

Teeth whitening treatments are techniques that consist of applying whitening agents to the teeth, such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

These treatments are usually combined with other treatments that the patient carries out at home, also using a whitening agent to optimise the final results. Teeth whitening offers the following benefits:

  • Eliminates stains caused by coffee, tea, tobacco smoke or other substances from the teeth.
  • Gives the teeth a new colour and shine, thus beautifying the smile and, consequently, the entire face.
  • It rejuvenates the face.

 For some smokers, or people with poor oral hygiene habits, teeth whitening is not enough to brighten the colour of the teeth. In these cases, the definitive aesthetic solution is the placement of resin or porcelain dental veneers.