Head and Neck Tumours

Head and Neck Tumours Treatment

Cancer in the maxillofacial region is one of the 10 most common cancers that occurs in the human body. It manifests itself in the form of tumours that generally appear on the face, the neck and in the mouth.

These types of lesions require a meticulous study in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, a multidisciplinary approach is required, that is, with the collaboration of many specialists, among whom the maxillofacial surgeon plays a key role. The Maxillofacial Institute is equipped with the entire therapeutic arsenal necessary for removing tumours from the maxillofacial region and for undertaking the reconstruction of the lost tissue. See an article about a reconstruction of a mandible: Mandibular reconstruction with tissue engineering in multiple recurrent ameloblastoma.

symptoms and warning signs

The following warning signs may indicate the presence of mouth cancer:

  • Abnormal bleeding in any area of the mouth or difficulty in swallowing, chewing or speaking.
  • Pain, tingling or dryness of the mouth without any apparent cause.
  • Sores that do not heal properly.
  • Persistent infections in the mouth.
  • White, red or black marks in the mouth.
  • Presence of hardness, a lump or swelling in the mouth or on the face and/or neck.
  • Ulcers in any part of the mouth that do not heal within 15 days.

Self-examination is key to detecting head and neck cancer in time. Download here our eutoexamination guide to carry out a periodic exploration at home and make an appointment with our specialists if you notice any irregularity.