What is Gummy Smile and how is it treated?

Gummy smile is a facial alteration, affecting the smile in particular, and it is defined by an excessive amount of gum showing when the patient smiles. This type of facial malformation also presents a vertical excess of the upper jaw, making the patient’s face look too long and the features inharmonious. Patients with this type of problem are not happy with their facial aesthetics.

There are two conventional solutions for treating gummy smile:

  • Bimaxillary orthognathic surgery to impact the maxilla, that is, to reposition it upwards and remove excess gum. This type of patient will usually also receive orthodontic treatment.
  • Orthodontic treatment combined with periodontal treatment. Orthodontics involves correcting the misaligned teeth, and periodontics is aimed at reducing the excess gum covering the teeth of patients with gummy smile.

The aesthetic change following treatment for gummy smile is spectacular. The smile looks sweeter and more balanced between the dental arch of the maxilla and the mandible and the features of the face, which, in the majority of patients with gummy smile is too long, become rounder and more harmonious after impacting the maxilla.

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