Reconstruction of boneless upper jaw

Reconstruction of boneless upper jaw

Until relatively recently, there were few options to recover the smile of those people who present bone resorption in the maxillary bone, although thanks to the continuous research of scientific research teams such as Prof. Hernández Alfaro's, that is no longer the case. At present, there is a technique of reconstruction of the upper jaw without bone, which allows its rehabilitation and subsequent placement of dental implants.

The use of this technique has shown that even the most severe cases of atrophy of the maxillary bone can be treated predictably. This is achieved by combining bone grafts obtained from other areas of the patient's own mouth with biomaterials (artificial bone).

The 3D scanner study has shown that this technique allows increases of up to 100% in the bone volume available for implant placement. Thus, in the protocols of the Maxillofacial Institute, it is no longer necessary to resort to the hip as a bone donor area.

In the article Total Reconstruction of the Atrophic Maxilla with Intraoral Bone Grafts and Biomaterials: A Prospective Clinical Study with Cone Beam Computed Tomography Validation, by Prof. Hernandez Alfaro and his research team,  you can expand the information on this technique of bone reconstruction of the maxilla.

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