Remote consultation? Now it’s possible

Remote consultation? Now it’s possible

In Maxillofacial Institute we are always looking for new formulas to provide an excellent service and facilitate the first contact of patients with our professionals. That is why we offer the videoconference service, an option that allows the patient to make a first face-to-face consultation with our medical team, without having to travel all the way to our centers.

The videoconference is a clinical appointment online with Dr. Hernández-Alfaro through a video call platform. This scenario allows our patients who live outside of Barcelona to have a first contact with our medical team remotely, which reduces the costs and time involved in a first physical consultation.

In order to correctly evaluate each case, the patient must provide a series of data and graphic documents prior to the consultation; This is important because that is how we make sure that our professionals have all the information necessary to make a diagnosis, and guarantees the same level of rigor of the information as if the patient were present in our facilities.

To arrange or to learn more about our videoconference service, you can contact our International Department at

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