What does Mentoplasty consist in?

Mentoplasty or chin surgery

Mentoplasty, or chin surgery, is a quick and simple surgical intervention that offers incredible aesthetic results for the chin. Depending on the patient’s aesthetic needs, the maxillofacial surgeon will increase, decrease or three-dimensionally remodel the size of the chin.

The Maxillofacial Institute and Mentoplasty

 This surgical procedure offers several benefits:

  • Through a small intraoral incision the surgeon can work on the bone of the chin and carry out the necessary forward or backward, downward, impaction or rotational movements, thus achieving a major improvement in the patient’s facial features, especially in their profile.
  • Immediate aesthetic results

 Dr. Hernández Alfaro and his team have developed surgical protocols that allow mentoplasty to be performed in an average of 20 minutes.

  • Thanks to the new techniques introduced by the medical team at the Maxillofacial Institute, chin surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic and with outpatient sedation, without requiring a hospital stay.

If a patient presents an occlusal or skeletal problem with the lower jaw, a mentoplasty will not be enough to resolve the problem. Orthognathic surgery will be required, usually a mandibular advancement. To determine which type of intervention the patient needs, the maxillofacial surgeon will carry out the necessary clinical and radiological tests. In both cases, the Maxillofacial Institute offers the patient a virtual simulation in order to increase their confidence in the results.

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