Resorption in alveolar bone grafts

Resorption in alveolar bone grafts

In his last scientific publication "The Fate of Lateral Ridge Augmentation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.", Professor Hernández Alfaro and his research team put the magnifying glass on the different materials and techniques used for the reconstruction of the alveolar bone.

In terms of techniques, block grafts seem to maintain the original volume of increase better than the techniques of GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration), since during the initial stages of healing, grafts made with GBR experienced more changes.

Regarding materials, the resorption of the xenograft group (donor of different species) was lower compared to the combination of xenograft and autologous bone (bone of the same receptor).

The conclusion of this study is that regardless of the material used for regeneration, different degrees of graft resorption must be expected. Consequently, in all cases overcorrection of the horizontal defects must be carried out, in order to compensate for the reabsorption of the graft materials.

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