Centro Médico Teknon, elected ‘International Hospital of the Year'

Centro Médico Teknon, elected ‘International Hospital of the Year’

Centro Médico Teknon, del Grupo Quironsalud, has received the ‘International Hospital of the Year Award’ by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ), a recognition that highlights the greatest success in attracting and assisting international patients. The jury, an independent group of international experts in the medical tourism sector, and chaired by IMTJ chief editor, Keith Pollard, has selected Teknon Medical Center as the best hospital of the year for the amount and the type of patients treated, the quality and the range of services, and the satisfaction of the patient. The notorious distinction of medical tourism highlights the work and effort of this private center, which in the last two years has treated more than 9,500 international patients from 139 different countries. In the list of countries of origin with the largest number of patients treated at Centro Médico Teknon is Russia first, US second, the United Kingdom third and followed Ukraine, Kuwait, France, Switzerland, Barbados and Japan.

In the evaluation of the candidature, it has been taken into account, in addition, that Centro Médico Teknon offers cutting-edge care in various medical fields and handles cases of high complexity with the highest quality. In addition, Teknon manages a specific program for international visitors through its International Department, which offers comprehensive and personalized attention to these patients before, during and after their arrival at the center, in a manner totally adapted to their cultural needs.

Teknon's medical staff covers all medical and surgical specialties for adults and paediatrics, including oncology, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, traumatology, maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic / plastic surgery and neurosurgery, which, along with constant innovation and the best technology makes it a powerful provider of medical care for international patients.


Three recognitions that guarantee the prestige and the quality of the center


This prize is received within a few weeks of obtaining the 6th consecutive re-enactment by the Joint Commission International, which reaffirms it as the first hospital in Spain guaranteed in the highest quality and safety of the patient; and also a few days after becoming the fifth with the best reputation according to the Health Reputation Monitor. In this sense, the director of the center, Dr. José Luis Simón, emphasizes "we are proud to receive this award for the best international hospital because it highlights the important work that we do every day so that patients feel at home. This award, along with the two previous recognitions, demonstrates the commitment of the entire organization to the benefit of the satisfaction and experience of our patients, providing daily the best possible level of attention, which is achieved only with the highest quality, highest security and excellence " .

At Instituto Maxilofacial we are proud of forming part of this prestigious institution and of contributing to the excellence of  its quality standards.

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