Facial Feminization Surgery at Instituto Maxilofacial

Facial Feminization Surgery at Instituto Maxilofacial

Gender dysphoria is defined as a discordance between gender identity and biological or assigned sex at birth, with which affected people do not identify or feel as their own. This discordance can have devastating effects on mental health, which is why the surgical processes of sex reassignment are of great importance.

In the maxillofacial area, facial feminization encompasses a series of procedures aimed at 'softening' the male features of those transgender people who transition to the female gender, thus helping them to match their mental image of themselves with their physical image, a crucial process for the social adaptation and self-acceptance of people who want to make this transition.

Some of the facial feminization procedures that we perform at the Maxillofacial Institute are:

Call us at +34 933933185 or write to international@institutomaxilofacial.com to learn more about our facial feminization procedures with minimally invasive techniques.

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