Sports accidents and Maxillofacial Surgery

Sports accidents and Maxillofacial Surgery

Globally, facial injuries are more prevalent in the male sex, and their main cause is traffic accidents and aggressions. Sports accidents, in Europe, represent the cause of around 10% of facial injuries, after traffic accidents, attacks and falls.

Depending on the cause of the trauma, it may lead to a fracture of the nose, jaw, malar, zygomatic arch, orbit, ... with their corresponding consequences and therapeutic possibilities. However, high-energy trauma, as traffic accidents, is frequently associated with panfacial fractures (of several bones of the face).

In short, the prevention of facial fractures involves regularizing the use of helmets, safety belts, limiting speed and prohibiting drugs of abuse in traffic accidents, and the promotion of masks and facial protection devices for sports injuries . It is always more profitable to prevent a facial fracture than to treat its consequences, both money and health-wise.


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