TMJ: What treatments do we perform at Maxillofacial Institute?

TMJ: What treatments do we perform at Maxillofacial Institute?

Depending on the causes and severity of the problem, the approach to treating TMJ disorders can be either conservative or surgical:


Maxillofacial physiotherapy is one of the conservative treatments to treat disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It serves to reeducate against all those harmful habits such as bruxism or erroneous postures and thus favor the entire articular system of the skull. The techniques used are the massage and the stretching of the cervical and facial muscles, the mobilization through exercises in the tongue, posture correction, breathing and facial relaxation exercises.

Minimally invasive surgery

In some patients, physiotherapy is not enough and other interventions must be carried out. The Maxillofacial Institute always opts for a minimally invasive maxillofacial surgery:

-Arthrocentesis to remove all microscopic particles by washing the joint.

-Arthroscopy to examine the temporomandibular joint, remove the inflammatory tissue and manipulate the structures. Thanks to an approach make in the frontal part of the ear, an intra-articular camera, or arthroscope can be introduced, allowing the maxillofacial surgeon to visualize the anatomical area while intervening.

In some patients, the problem in the joint is serious and there are no conservative measures to intervene. In such cases, the damaged joint must be replaced by a prosthesis similar to those used in other joints of the body.

In any case, the multidisciplinary medical team of the Maxillofacial Institute studies each case to carry out the most convenient treatment. If you need more information on ATM disorders, visit our website.

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