TMJ and its relation to headaches


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TMJ and its relation to headaches

Nowadays, stress is one of the most frequent enemies of our lives and one of the biggest responsible for very common symptoms, such as tension headache. Oftentimes this type of tension or stress headache  are related to disorders of the temporomandibular joint  (TMJ), which is the joint formed by the upper part of the jaw...

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Postoperative care at Maxillofacial Institute

Postoperative care after orthognathic surgery   At Maxillofacial Institute we offer customized postoperative care to our patients operated of maxillofacial surgery,  including physiotherapy, hyalotherapy and lymphotherapy masks, in order to optimize their recovery.   What are the benefits of each of these techniques?   Physiotherapy The techniques of manipulation and / or mobilization that the...

ATM: What treatments do we perform at Maxillofacial Institute?

Depending on the causes and severity of the problem, the approach to treating TMJ disorders can be either conservative or surgical: Physiotherapy Maxillofacial physiotherapy is one of the conservative treatments to treat disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It serves to reeducate against all those harmful habits such as bruxism or erroneous postures and thus...