SAMARPE: a new, more effective palatal expansion technique

SAMARPE: a new, more effective palatal expansion technique

SARPE (acronym for Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion) is a maxillary surgical expansion technique that combines orthodontic treatment with surgical treatment. This technique is classically carried out with a tooth-supported expander device called a Hyrax expander, that the orthodontist places before surgery.

The SAMARPE (acronym for Surgically Assisted Mini-Screw Anchored Rapid Palatal Expansion) is a new technique that presents two differences with the classic SARPE:

  • The device is tailored to the patient using CAD-CAM technology
  • The device is anchored directly to the palate using micro-screws

Direct placement of the appliance on the bone is what makes the disjunction more effective in SAMARPE, since it acts directly on the bone without putting pressure on the teeth and without changing their position, as done in the classic SARPE treatments.

Outside the placement of the device, both techniques require the same surgery: a minimally invasive intervention that, thanks to the technique designed by Prof. Hernández Alfaro and his research team, we perform in our center with local anesthesia and sedation, on an outpatient basis and in surgical time of approximately 10 minutes.

In sum, we talk about SARPE when using a dental-anchored device and of SAMARPE when using a bone-anchored device. SAMARPE is most effective in that it acts directly on the surface to be modified: the palate bone.


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