Gingivectomía o gingivoplastia: ¿Qué necesito para alargar mis dientes?

Gingivectomía o gingivoplastia: ¿Qué necesito para alargar mis dientes?

There are different techniques to make short teeth appear longer. Dr. Vanessa Ruiz Magaz, Periodontist at the Maxillofacial Institute, explains two of them and their differences:


Gingivectomy is a type of technique with mainly functional purposes that consists of reducing the height of the gums in order to reduce or eliminate periodontal pockets, although it can also serve to improve the aesthetic profile of teeth in crown lengthening procedures.


Gingivoplasty is a procedure with a purely aesthetic approach, which aims to improve the gum contour in patients who have excessive growth of gingival tissue (gingival smile), or who for various reasons may have too thick gingival tissue, or a very flat outline.

Both procedures consist of the removal of a small part of the gum and are usually carried out simultaneously and on an outpatient basis.

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