Gingivectomía o gingivoplastia: ¿Qué necesito para alargar mis dientes?

Dra. Vanessa Ruiz Magaz

Gingivectomía o gingivoplastia: ¿Qué necesito para alargar mis dientes?

There are different techniques to make short teeth appear longer. Dr. Vanessa Ruiz Magaz, Periodontist at the Maxillofacial Institute, explains two of them and their differences: Gigivectomy Gingivectomy is a type of technique with mainly functional purposes that consists of reducing the height of the gums in order to reduce or eliminate periodontal pockets, although...

Tips to recover your dental gloss

The natural color of our teeth is genetically determined. However, some factors can alter the change in coloration: the taking of medicines, certain elements of the diet, the consumption of tobacco and some traumatisms. To avoid unwanted discoloration and restore tooth gloss, it is recommended to brush the teeth immediately after every meal, as well...

Did you know that it is possible to regenerate bone around teeth and improve their prognosis?

Periodontal disease destroys the tissues that hold the teeth, the best known / popular is the alveolar bone and, therefore, that if treatments are not directed to stop it, the teeth lose their support and begin to move until they are lost spontaneously or they have to be extracted since this mobility causes discomfort and...

¿Sabes por qué los uniformes de los cirujanos son de color verde o azul?

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