Orthognathic surgery: better in summer or winter?

Orthognathic surgery: better in summer or winter?

Many people wonder what is the best time to undergo surgery, especially in the facial area.

That heat increases inflammation is a fairly widespread myth that needs to be debunked. Heat does increase the sensation of inflammation, and therefore the discomfort, but there is no evidence showing that inflammation is objectively greater in hot weather.

As for orthognathic/orthofacial surgery, it can be performed at any time of the year, although the pros and cons of each season must always be clearly understood:



  • You'll have plenty of free time to spend your recovery calmly, without having to ask for leave or vacations in your work/ studies.
  • If you want to avoid giving explanations to everyone you know, summer may be the best time to do the surgery, since when you return to your normal activities the inflammation will be minimal and you will avoid all those annoying questions.


  • The postoperative period can be more uncomfortable during the hottest months, since the inflammation coupled with the heat can be more oppressive, although this is nothing that can't be easily fixed with a good air-con.
  • You must maximize sun protection on the face, since solar radiation on bruises can cause permanent marks. Ideally, if you decide to take a walk in the sun, protect yourself with factor 50 sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses and avoid direct exposure at all costs.



  • During cold months swelling is more bearable, since the feeling of discomfort is counteracted by the cool environment.
  • It is easier to avoid solar radiation, although we must still use full sun protection.
  • A scarf can be a good ally to hide the swelling.


  • Usually it will be necessary to ask for vacations or days off from our work / studies to be able to spend our recovery, so some people may feel stressed by not having enough time to fully recover before returning to their normal routine.
  • Social / work commitments mean that we might have to give a lot of explanations about our physical change.


Objectively, summer is as good time as any other to undergo orthognathic surgery, but everyone must assess their personal circumstances and priorities before deciding on one season or another. In addition to this, it is important to take into account the expertise and experience of your surgeon; Thanks to the minimally invasive surgery techniques that we apply at the Maxillofacial Institute, the postoperative period for patients operated on in our center is shorter and less uncomfortable than in other centers. Learn more by calling +34 933933185 or writing to international@institutomaxilofacial.com.


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