Tips to recover your dental gloss

Tips to recover your dental gloss

The natural color of our teeth is genetically determined. However, some factors can alter the change in coloration: the taking of medicines, certain elements of the diet, the consumption of tobacco and some traumatisms.

To avoid unwanted discoloration and restore tooth gloss, it is recommended to brush the teeth immediately after every meal, as well as the daily use of dental floss.

On the other hand, if we want to have whiter teeth, there are different whitening systems. Nowadays, systems with LED light considerably improve the color of our teeth in a single session. Other less effective measures are the use of whitening toothpastes, although the concentration of whitening agents is very low and usually the results are not very satiosfactory.

The use of bicarbonate is also discouraged, since it can scratch the surface of the tooth enamel and thus increase the possibility of the teeth geting stained by absorption of the pigments of the food we eat. So be very careful with home remedies!

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