Postoperative care at Maxillofacial Institute


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Postoperative care at Maxillofacial Institute

Postoperative care after orthognathic surgery   At Maxillofacial Institute we offer customized postoperative care to our patients operated of maxillofacial surgery,  including physiotherapy, hyalotherapy and lymphotherapy masks, in order to optimize their recovery.   What are the benefits of each of these techniques?   Physiotherapy The techniques of manipulation and / or mobilization that the...

8 Tips for a better scar healing

Scars are formed during the physiological process of healing or repairing the skin after surgical wounds, accidents, burns, among others. This process evolves differently for each person due to genetic factors, the location of the wound, the depth or its extension. Healing time of a scar is usually one year. At first, the scars are...