Cirugía Periodontal por motivos estéticos

Cirugía Periodontal por motivos estéticos

A beautiful and healthy smile can be our best introduction.

How many times do we fix our eyes on the mouth of our interlocutor? If the smile you present is harmonious, it will capture our attention. However, the opposite will happen when there is some type of aesthetic alteration.

There are several oral situations that can alter the aesthetics of our smile, but the main ones are produced by a mismatch of the margins of the teeth, excess or deficit of gums, old prostheses, active periodontal disease or inappropriate placement of dental implants, among others. .

Luckily, today recovering the aesthetics of our smile is possible through various periodontal surgery techniques. In some cases it will be necessary to combine these treatments with others, such as teeth whitening and prosthetics, to guarantee a perfect smile.

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