What is a PRGF treatment?

What is a PRGF treatment?

Nothing like our own body to heal itself. This is the premise on which autologous technologies in general, and the PRFC treatment (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) in particular, are based. This treatment consists of using certain components of the patient's blood to help in the regeneration process after a surgical process.

The process is simple: a sample of blood is extracted from the patient (the equivalent amount as for an analytic), the blood is then centrifuged to concentrate the platelets, and by a chemical reaction, the release of the Growth Factors of  these platelets is activated.

From this, a protein membrane loaded with growth factors is obtained, which sends to the cells of the body the signals that they must reproduce, grow, and in this case, repair the tissues where they are applied. Thus, the PRFC treatment is used to stimulate tissue healing and bone integration, decrease inflammation, improve post-operative processes, reduce the risk of surgical complications or rejection of implants, and improve the general health of damaged tissues.

The medical team of the Maxillofacial Institute is specially qualified and authorized to use this autologous treatment, an excellent option for a quick recovery, and another example of the constant innovation that characterizes our center.

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