Dieting and bad breath

Dieting and bad breath

Today, hyperproteic fast diets have become popular to eliminate weight quickly. Every year, and increasingly, people seek to lose weight as quickly as possible before summer, without taking into consideration the possible consequences of losing a few kilos without medical control.

According to our Periodontist, Dr. Vanessa Ruiz Magaz, one of those unwanted consequences is halitosis, or bad breath due to the increase of ketone bodies that are partly eliminated by breathing, causing an unpleasant odor when we speak.

It is important to know about this unpleasant effect before start dieting. Subsequent measures to camouflage halitosis such as, for example, performing excessive oral hygiene or increasing water intake are not the solution to the problem, which will only disappear if we change our diet.

If you plan to start a protein-rich diet, it is important to consult a nutritionist and a dental specialist to avoid suffering the side effects of exaggerated changes in diet.

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