3 reasons why you suffer from tooth sensitivity in summer

3 reasons why you suffer from tooth sensitivity in summer

During the hot season, dental hypersensitivity increases due mainly to three factors:

1-Changes in habits in the intake of food and beverages.

During our holidays it is normal that our diet is different from the one we usually have, either because we travel and we must get used to a different gastronomy than we are used to, or because we are simply more indulgent with our whims, and want to enjoy our holidays to the maximum .


2-When the temperatures are so warm it usually produces a mismatch in the hydration of our body.

This process causes the amount of saliva in the mouth to be lower than usual, encouraging the appearance of bacteria, which in turn increases tooth sensitivity.


3-The ingestion of very cold and carbonated drinks to lower body temperature.

The acid present in carbonated beverages has a corrosive effect on tooth enamel, thinning this protective layer and making the tooth more exposed to changes in temperature, and more vulnerable to infections.


To mitigate dental hypersensitivity, it is recommended to hydrate well, use specific toothpastes, avoid citrus fruits, acid juices or carbonated beverages, and maintain proper oral hygiene after each meal.

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