Should I have my wisdom teeth removed even if they don’t hurt?

Should I have my wisdom teeth removed even if they don’t hurt?

In many cases, wisdom teeth are invisible. This happens when they are impacted, that is, trapped under the gum or stuck against an obstacle, a situation that initially may not represent any discomfort, but that with the passing of the time can give way to many complications.

For this reason, it is necessary that when we reach the age at which these molars normally erupt (between 17 and 25 years old) we start to have control tests (x-rays) to see the evolution of these teeth.

If any of these x-rays reflects that the wisdom teeth are impacted, they should be extracted as soon as possible, since it is impossible to know when complications will occur (inflammation, pain, infections, displacement of neighboring teeth, etc.). )

Another fact to consider is that wisdom teeth are easier to extract in younger patients, since the roots are not yet fully formed, and therefore they are not as strong as in an adult person, who might have complications with the dental nerve during an extraction.

Therefore, maxillofacial specialists recommend the removal of wisdom teeth as a preventive measure to literally avoid many headaches.


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