What should I eat after my wisdom tooth extraction?

What should I eat after my wisdom tooth extraction?

The extraction of wisdom teeth is indicated for a large part of the population, since there are very few cases where they erupt without complications.

If you have undergone, or intend to go through this intervention (which is usually quite simple in most cases) it is very important to know what kind of food you can eat after the removal of wisdom teeth, as this will help you recover faster and with less complications.

Soup: Soup is a great option for patients who have undergone tooth extraction because they will be the main source of protein for those first days of soft diet. It is best to make them with broth, without large pieces that may hinder their intake, and do not eat them too hot, as they could hurt the wounds.

Purees: they are an excellent option to not neglect our food and continue to eat vegetables. The potato is full of fiber and is ideal to eat after an extraction of wisdom teeth. You can also add butter or cream to make them softer and tastier, but be careful not to leave large lumps that force you to chew!

Dairy: Due to its soft and light consistency, foods such as yogurt, soft cheese or cream are ideal for recovery.

Ice cream: After going through a tooth extraction, the ideal is to start feeding with semi-liquid and soft foods, in addition, the cold helps with inflammation, and numbs the painful areas, so ice cream is an excellent option for the postoperative. The ideal is to opt for natural flavors that do not have many added fats or sugars. So, choose your favorite flavor, as this is the best time to enjoy it!

And remember, avoid drinking with straw, because if you do, the suction force can eliminate the clots that help the healing. If you are very inflamed, use a feeding syringe, and try to switch to the spoon and glass as soon as possible.

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