How is an impacted wisdom tooth diagnosed?

How is an impacted wisdom tooth diagnosed?

In order to know for certain wheter is necessary to remove our wisdom teeth, it is necessary to undergo periodic checks ups once we reach the age when they start growing (usually between 17 and 25 years of age).

In order to diagnose and define a treatment plan, an exploration and a panoramic radiography (orthopantomography) are usually enough, although there are cases in which another type of more detailed clinical images will be needed to obtain three-dimensional images of the interior of the organism.

This type of diagnostic tools are used when the specialist can not clearly see in the radiography some detail that is important for diagnosis, such as the relationship of the tooth with the dental nerve or the presence of some other anomaly, such as cysts or tumors.

At the Maxillofacial Institute we have a CBCT (Cone Beam Computarized Tomography) scanner that uses X-rays to obtain projections from all angles, providing a three-dimensional and holistic image of the patient with radiation 90% lower than traditional scanners.

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