What is Surgery First?

What is Surgery First?

The Surgery First technique, which has revolutionized the panorama of the maxillofacial sector, consists in changing the classic sequence of treatment in orthognathic surgery (braces-orthognathic surgery-braces), and replacing it with orthognathic surgery- braces, that is, first, the bony bases are repositioned through surgery and then dental malposition is corrected, resulting in three great advantages:

  • The expected facial change occurs from the first moment of treatment.
  • The cuts made in the bone, or corticotomies, that are made during orthognathic surgery facilitate metabolic changes in the bone, which in turn facilitate and accelerate dental movements through postoperative orthodontics.
  • The total duration of the treatment is shortened by approximately half.

Thus, the ultimate goal of Surgery First is to go beyond traditional treatments and move to a new stage in which they confer as many benefits as possible to patients, significantly shortening treatment times, and maximizing the aesthetic and psychological benefits .

Nevertheless, Surgery First is a very concise and extremely thorough technique that can only be applied in a very precise patient typology, so it is essential to emphasize the importance of having specialized and experienced professionals in this type of intervention. The surgical team of the Maxillofacial Institute has been a pioneer worldwide in incorporating this protocol, so we have the experience and know-how necessary to obtain optimal results.

Video: Dr. Hernandez Alfaro explains all about Surgery First

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