The different Protocols in Orthognathic Surgery


Surgery first

The different Protocols in Orthognathic Surgery


What is Surgery First?

The Surgery First technique, which has revolutionized the panorama of the maxillofacial sector, consists in changing the classic sequence of treatment in orthognathic surgery (braces-orthognathic surgery-braces), and replacing it with orthognathic surgery- braces, that is, first, the bony bases are repositioned through surgery and then dental malposition is corrected, resulting in three great advantages: The...

Surgery First Summit: a paradigm shift in orthodontics

Last weekend, Professor Federico Hernández Alfaro participated in the 1st. Surgery First Summit, an unprecedented event that commemorates the tenth anniversary of the beginnings of Surgery First, an innovative technique in the field of orthodontic and maxillofacial surgery that involves changing the classical treatment sequence (orthodontic treatment-orthognathic surgery-orthodontic treatment), and replace it with surgery-orthodontic treatment,...

Surgery First, what are its advantages?

In the article On a definition of the appropriate timing for surgical intervention in orthognathic surgery, I present the different scenarios of the contemporary orthognathic surgery patient depending on the moment in which the surgical event takes place. Thus we have: Surgery First, Surgery Early, Surgery Last, Surgery Late, Surgery Only, Surgery Never. The advantages...