The different Protocols in Orthognathic Surgery


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The different Protocols in Orthognathic Surgery


How much are dental implants?

Comparatively, getting dental implants is more expensive than other solutions to lost teeth, such as bridges or dental prostheses, but in the long run it turns out to be an excellent investment to improve not only our smile, but our overall health. Let's see why: To begin with, dental implants are the only solution that...

8 reasons to have orthognathic surgery

Today we want to share with you some reasons to undergo orthognathic surgery that our patients have shared with us over the years: Chewing Generally, orthognathic patients have occlusion problems, since their jaws do not develop correctly, and many of them (especially those who suffer from open bite) end up being able to chew only...

What is Surgery First?

The Surgery First technique, which has revolutionized the panorama of the maxillofacial sector, consists in changing the classic sequence of treatment in orthognathic surgery (braces-orthognathic surgery-braces), and replacing it with orthognathic surgery- braces, that is, first, the bony bases are repositioned through surgery and then dental malposition is corrected, resulting in three great advantages: The...