Prof. Hernández Alfaro: Is this the end of orthognathic surgery …?

Prof. Hernández Alfaro: Is this the end of orthognathic surgery …?

Prof. Federico Hernández Alfaro, Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Director of the Maxillofacial Institute, was recently invited by the Spanish Society of Orthodontics to contribute to the Tribuna article in the new edition of the magazine of this prestigious institution. In this opinion piece, Prof. Hernández Alfaro talks about the new paradigms of surgical orthodontics and the change of focus that has occurred in orthognathic surgery in recent years, from the functional to the aesthetic-functional, a change that marks the birth of orthofacial surgery, a discipline that he defines as follows:

"In Orthofacial Surgery, orthodontists and surgeons converge to, using the formidable therapeutic arsenal available, be able to attend with a multidisciplinary, holistic and above all empathic approach, the problems and concerns of our patients."

This article explains, in a clear and articulated way, the changes in the concerns and priorities of today's patients, as well as the advances that have made it possible to optimize the aesthetic results of once invasive and complicated surgeries, and which today they are performed with minimally invasive techniques and with extra-ordinary aesthetic results.

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