What will my recovery be like after orthognathic surgery?

What will my recovery be like after orthognathic surgery?

Fortunately, the postoperative period of orthognathic surgery is inseparable from the medical practice of the intervention itself.

Why can we rest assured if we have to undergo orthognathic surgery at the Maxillofacial Institute? The development of new techniques and technologies (3D planning, protocols such as Surgery First, ...), innovative scientific discoveries and continuous training are the leitmotiv of Instituto Maxilofacial's surgeons.

Prof. Federico Hernández Alfaro and his team have created protocols that allow performing some orthognathic surgery procedures under local anesthesia and sedation without hospital admission. In addition, bimaxillary orthognathic surgery, an intervention that usually lasts from 5h to 7h, at the Maxillofacial Institute is performed at an average of 1.30h.

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If you need surgery orthognathic surgery, the clinic's medical team encourages you to ask all the questions and doubts you have about this intervention through the email international@institutomaxilofacial.com or by calling +34 933933185.

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