Everything you need to know about numbness after orthognathic surgery


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Everything you need to know about numbness after orthognathic surgery

The sensation of numbness, also called paresthesia, is one of the possible complications derived from orthognathic surgery, which occurs in different places and with different levels of intensity. As a rule, this sensation is transient, with a very variable recovery period. Orthognathic surgery addresses areas of the face through which different nerves and nerve endings...

What aesthetic procedures can one have in an orthognathic surgery?

  Very often our patients ask us if we can perform complementary aesthetic procedures at the same time as orthognathic surgery. The answer is clearly affirmative. The Maxillofacial Institute has always strongly committed to innovation and the incorporation of new technologies at the service of maxillofacial surgery and this has allowed Prof. Hernández Alfaro and...

Orthognathic surgery with Invisalign? it is possible

Prepare your orthognathic surgery with Invisalign Orthognathic surgery is one of the surgical procedures that has evolved the most in the field of maxillofacial surgery. New surgical techniques and innovative protocols have revolutionized our daily clinical practice, allowing us to offer our patients very precise and postoperative results that are increasingly shorter and more comfortable....

The different Protocols in Orthognathic Surgery