The piezoelectric scalpel

The piezoelectric scalpel

In the maxillofacial territory, bone, nerves and neighboring vessels are closely interconnected, making it an especially complicated area when performing surgery. The piezoelectric or ultrasonic scalpel is an electro-medical device for bone surgery (or osteotomy) that involves the use of ultrasonic microwaves of 60 to 200 μm / s at 24 to 29 kHz to...

El Instituto Maxilofacial publica en la Journal of Clinical Anesthesia

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Surgery First, what are its advantages?

In the article On a definition of the appropriate timing for surgical intervention in orthognathic surgery, I present the different scenarios of the contemporary orthognathic surgery patient depending on the moment in which the surgical event takes place. Thus we have: Surgery First, Surgery Early, Surgery Last, Surgery Late, Surgery Only, Surgery Never. The advantages...