Surgery First, what are its advantages?

Surgery First, what are its advantages?

In the article On a definition of the appropriate timing for surgical intervention in orthognathic surgery, I present the different scenarios of the contemporary orthognathic surgery patient depending on the moment in which the surgical event takes place. Thus we have: Surgery First, Surgery Early, Surgery Last, Surgery Late, Surgery Only, Surgery Never.

The advantages of the Surgery First protocol are many, although it is necessary to bear in mind that it is the surgeon who will ultimately decide if you are the ideal patient for this protocol. If you are a candidate for Surgery First you will be able to:

1.-Forget about orthodontic preparation

Surgery First proceeds directly with orthognathic surgery without prior orthodontic preparation. The orthodontic treatment that requires the classic procedure is for some patients a reason not to have surgery. Now, thanks to this protocol, all patients who have well aligned teeth and the only thing that must be corrected is the disharmony between their maxilla and mandible, can do without pre-surgical orthodontics.

The skeletal problem between the jaws is presented by cases of facial asymmetry, mandibular retrognathia or class II, mandibular prognathism or class III and patients with sleep apnea.

2.-Choose the time of your surgery

The classic orthodontic-orthognathic-orthodontic surgery methodology inevitably depends on an orthodontic treatment prior to surgery lasting approximately one year. Surgery First candidates, free from presurgical orthodontics, can choose the time that suits them best to undergo orthognathic surgery.

3.-Enjoy aesthetic results immediately after surgery

With the Surgery First intervention, the patient can benefit from the aesthetic results a few days after the intervention, when the inflammation disappears. In addition, the post-surgical orthodontic treatment is much shorter than in the traditional method.

In all senses, when it is possible to carry out this methodology, it's all but advantages for the patient; the harmony and balance necessary in the patient's facial features are achieved in extraordinary times and with hardly any post-surgical trauma. For this reason, it is very important that specialists, both orthodontists and ourselves, maxillofacial surgeons, always study the possibility that our patients can opt for the Surgery First procedure.

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