The piezoelectric scalpel

The piezoelectric scalpel

In the maxillofacial territory, bone, nerves and neighboring vessels are closely interconnected, making it an especially complicated area when performing surgery.

The piezoelectric or ultrasonic scalpel is an electro-medical device for bone surgery (or osteotomy) that involves the use of ultrasonic microwaves of 60 to 200 μm / s at 24 to 29 kHz to cut mineralized tissue, allowing the soft tissue to remain unharmed. Thus, piezoelectric devices ensure the total preservation of soft tissues, including the microvessels of the alveolar nerves, avoiding stretching and heating the nerve, making it an ideal instrument to be used in the borderline between soft tissues and the bone, thus reducing the risk of traumatizing neighboring soft tissues.

As a consequence, after a surgery performed with a piezoelectric scalpel there is less trauma for the patient, and the recovery and healing of wounds is faster.

In the Maxillofacial Institute we have been working for years with piezoelectric energy, making the surgical procedures performed in our center minimally invasive, more accurate, and much safer.

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