Why does my jaw make a clicking noise?

Why does my jaw make a clicking noise?

Each of us has two temporo-mandibular joints that lie just in front of the small prominence (tragus) of the ears, and which work in synchrony.

The temporomandibular joint is the only mobile articulation of the head, and articulates the mandible with the temporal bone of the head (the lower medial lateral area of ​​the skull). In the middle of these two bones is the meniscus, or articular disc, which acts as a pad, facilitating the sliding between the mandibular and temporal condyles when we open and close the mouth.

When we begin to hear a "click" right in front of the ear, on one or both sides, or having what seems to be and earache, but we have ruled out an ear problem with a specialist, we should suspect that our joint is suffering from an overstrain or wear.

This "click" indicates that the meniscus (joint pad) is not properly accompanying the mandibular and temporal condyles during the entire oral opening movement, which results in an onset of joint degeneration.

Obviously, when this happens, we must put ourselves in the hands of specialists to slow down as far as possible this process of joint wear.

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