Orthognathic surgery with Invisalign? it is possible

Orthognathic surgery with Invisalign? it is possible

Prepare your orthognathic surgery with Invisalign

Orthognathic surgery is one of the surgical procedures that has evolved the most in the field of maxillofacial surgery. New surgical techniques and innovative protocols have revolutionized our daily clinical practice, allowing us to offer our patients very precise and postoperative results that are increasingly shorter and more comfortable.

A clear reflection of the constant evolution in orthognathic surgery is the innovative Surgery First protocol, that allows us to operate without orthodontic preparation prior to surgery. However, not all patients are candidates for this protocol. The classic orthodontic-orthognathic-orthodontic methodology depends on orthodontic treatment prior to surgery lasting approximately one year, which in some cases discourages patients from surgery.

The Invisalign system: goodbye to braces

Fortunately, the Invisalign system fits perfectly in this conventional scenario, so that orthodontic treatment is no longer an inconvenience. The Invisalign system is presented as a great breakthrough in orthodontics. Although it is a removable device, it is very comfortable for the patient since its surface, that works as aligner and is changed every two weeks, is less than half a millimeter thick. It is completely transparent and invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is a great choice for patients who do not want to damage their facial aesthetics with fixed appliances.

Invisalign at the Maxillofacial Institute

In our extensive experience, all patients with Invisalign that have undergone orthognathic surgery at the Maxillofacial Institute, have obtained the same aesthetic and functional results as those who wear conventional braces. And all this maintaining the same treatment times.

Thus, Invisalign orthodontics, undetectable, transparent, comfortable, aesthetic and clean is presented today as the best solution for patients who want to lead a completely normal life before their orthognathic surgery.

Contact us at the Maxillofacial Institute, we will help you coordinate your treatment with your orthodontist and our experts in orthognathic surgery.

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