Professional dental hygiene: 8 facts you should know

Professional dental hygiene: 8 facts you should know

Just as every year we do different check-ups to control and maintain our health and fitness, dental prophylaxis, or professional dental hygiene is an essential procedure not only to keep our teeth in good condition, but also to prevent much more serious problems and diseases that can originate from poor oral hygiene.

That's why we want to share with you some little-known facts about professional dental hygiene:

1- Even if we have an excellent oral cleaning routine, the mouth has many nooks and crannies that it is impossible to reach by oneself without the help of a specialist and the specific tools designed for that purpose, that is why we cannot equate cleaning in home with professional dental cleaning.

2- Every time we eat, bacteria and residues accumulate between the teeth and in places impossible to reach only with a brush and dental floss. Over time, these residues harden, forming the so-called dental plaque, which in turn can mineralize and turn into tartar if it is not removed in time, making its removal increasingly difficult and the intervention of a specialist more urgent.

Dental prophylaxis, or professional dental hygiene, is an essential procedure not only to keep our teeth in good condition, but also to prevent much more serious problems and diseases.

3- A close relationship has been detected between poor oral hygiene and diseases such as Alzheimer's, diabetes, serious systemic diseases such as leukemia, oral cancer and cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, the lethality of the coronavirus is multiplied by up to 9 in people with advanced periodontal disease.

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4- When it comes to stablishing how often we should go to the hygienist, it is necessary to know that each person has different needs that depend on several factors. Our genetic profile, lifestyle, diet, and daily habits will determine the frequency with which we will need professional dental cleaning, which can range from every 3 months to 1 time per year.

5- Most of us use the toothbrush and dental floss incorrectly at home. As part of dental prophylaxis, the hygienist will explain the correct way and frequency to use each of the dental cleaning tools at home.

6- Professional dental hygiene helps you have better breath. The accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity is the most common cause of halitosis, or bad breath. Professional dental cleaning (combined with good dental hygiene at home) helps combat this problem. In addition, by this same principle, once you get rid of all those accumulated bacteria, you will be able to better enjoy the taste of your food, it's a gain-gain situation!

7- If you are thinking of whitening your teeth, it is recommended that you first do professional dental hygiene, since during it, your hygienist will remove stains on your teeth by means of dental polishing. If after your cleaning you are still not happy with the tone of your teeth, then it is time to consider a teeth whitening treatment.

8- Professional dental hygiene is a simple, painless and very low-cost procedure that will help us prevent much higher expenses derived from periodontal disease and its consequences: from fillings to extractions, implants or treatments for more serious diseases caused by bacteria that enter the oral cavity.

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