Maxillofacial deformities: types and causes

Dr. Federico Hernández Alfaro

Maxillofacial deformities: types and causes

Maxillofacial deformities include a good number of alterations that are characterized by involving different elements of the facial skeleton. In a generic way, these are divided into two large groups: congenital and acquired. In the congenital group are included those alterations that are already present in the individual at the time of birth. The most...

The Subjective Analysis of Beauty

It is difficult to measure beauty because of its great variability. However, there are some elements -subjectives-, which must be present for the face to be perceived as beautiful or harmonious: symmetry, vertical excess of the lower third of the face, anterior divergence, convexity, and soft tissue tension. Let's see each one of them: Symmetry...

How to stop snoring

Snoring is a type of sleeping sickness that affects many of us. Although sleeping sicknesses have diverse origins, snoring is a derived symptom that indicates that, when breathing, the flow of air through our airways is not good and produces "turbulence" due to obstruction at some point. These obstructions, which cause the air not to...

¿Qué tienen en común la ciencia y el arte?

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